Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Encore la Grève

Strike time again! Somehow we missed last week's grocery cashier strike. Today, it's the taxi drivers who are in fit of pique. They are protesting proposed deregulation that would, among other things, get more taxis on the road by making licenses (akin to the medallions they have in New York City) free. Not a good thing if you saved up and took out a loan to buy one the old-fashioned way. So today, "operation escargot" is in effect with slowdowns on the freeways and on major roads coming into Paris; as of noon, there were 68 kilometers of traffic jams (bouchons) throughout Ile de France (the greater Paris area). We rarely take taxis since public transport is so good but today's mess is wreaking havoc with the school bus schedule. Both kids go to school in the suburbs (one closer in and one farther out) and judging from the number of calls and e-mails from both schools, it's a mess out there.

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