Friday, March 21, 2008

Your Daily Dose of Calcium

In the category of "who knew?" comes this little item. The water in Paris is full of calcium. I don't know if that helps combat osteoporosis. It does have the unfortunate impact, however, of gunking up your washing machine, dishwasher, and leaving a gross filmy residue on the sink, tub, and faucets. To combat it, you need an impressive array of anti-calcium products: little tablets for the washing machine, extra additives in the dishwasher powder, and a special bottle of anti-calcaire liquid with which to attack the kitchen and bathroom cleaning. (Not to worry if you are coming to visit. We'll have things spiffed up for your arrival and won't make you take on the tub ring when you leave). Some marketing genius is bottling this water and selling it to women for its health benefits, which I assume are the same whether the water comes out of the tap or you pay extra for it. Now that's making silk out of a sow's ear!

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