Friday, April 11, 2008

Creative Parking

Maybe it's Parisian or maybe it's just an urban thing. In any case, Parisian drivers sometimes have to get creative in pursuit of parking. The parking situation is bad, so bad that the kids' piano teacher was over a half hour late last week, all spent circling the quartier looking for a spot. (Wisely, this week she came by subway.) I didn't have to search far to get these snapshots. All were taken within about a three- block radius on the same sunny afternoon.

When in doubt, get perpendicular.

Perhaps to be applauded for not blocking the crosswalk?

Although in the States, this is strictly a no-no, I don't know about Paris. This may in fact be legal.

Who says that you have to park near the curb anyway?

Just when I thought everything was fair game, I saw this fellow getting ticketed for parking on the sidewalk. His protests fell on deaf ears.

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