Tuesday, August 26, 2008

La Rentrée

These guys went back to school this morning and now it's just me alone at the computer. We had a great summer with lots of adventures and plenty of time for sleeping late and reading. But enough is enough. While neither was too happy about the impending onslaught of homework, truth be told, they were looking forward to seeing friends (many of whom had decamped Paris over the summer) and being back in a kidcentric place.

I've always thought of September as a time for resolutions, change, and fresh starts, in a way that seems more natural than January 1. So the French enthusiasm for la rentrée, the season of reentry to routine, back to school and back to work for everyone after les vacances, resonates with me. One snag: as my French teacher pointed out, the verb, rentrer, applies only to re-entering your own country. Americans can retournent (return) or reviennent (come back) to Paris but they don't get to rentrent. It's all about the nuances.

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expat said...

Oh, I can't agree with your teacher. On peut très bien rentrer à Paris, qu'on soit Français ou Amerloque.

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