Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sometime last week we got a notice indicating that the elevator in our building (which by the way is no longer phoning home) would be out of service for one month beginning this past Monday so it could be retrofitted in accordance with some law passed back in 2002. Given that we're on the third floor, it didn't seem too bad, not nearly as bad say as if we were the family with two kids under 4 who live on the 6th. On Friday, a bunch of boxes of cables and other parts were delivered and over the weekend, we all steeled ourselves for the inconvenience.

But as of today, nothing has happened....to the elevator that is. Seems somebody forgot to notify us of another little item: the fact that the door codes that allow us to get into the building were going to be changed TODAY. I found this out the hard way, coming back from the gym after noon with just enough time for a quick shower and bite of lunch before heading off to my French class. I punched in the door code. Nothing. I tried again. Nothing. I went to see the gardienne. Not home. I buzzed my upstairs neighbor. Not home. I buzzed the doctor's office on the ground floor. No answer. I buzzed the lawyer on the 1st floor who mercifully let me in and whose assistant endured my explanation, thanks, and excuses in fractured French. Then there was a flurry of phone calls since the kids would be coming home ahead of me and without the code, would not be able to let themselves in. In the end, it all turned out okay except for the lingering sense of frustration and annoyance. But hey, c'est la vie, n'est ce pas?

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Starman said...

It's good to know the French can be counted on to make things more difficult. It may be the one thing in life that will always be the same.

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