Thursday, November 6, 2008

Where Did the Time Go?

Hard to believe but it's been a year and nearly 190 posts since I started this blog. Initially I just thought it would be an efficient way to keep folks back home posted on our adventures. But when the password protected feature on Blogger turned out to be a heap of trouble, I opened it up to anyone who cared to read it and come they have, from places around the globe! It's been a ton of fun for me too. I've always enjoyed the challenge of finding just the right turn of phrase and it's great to have an outlet for the sheer pleasure of writing. What I didn't expect a year ago, however, was that the constant search for content (what on earth am I going to write about today??!!) has been rewarding as well. It's given me a chance to reflect and the impetus to be a more active and engaged observer of Paris as I experience it.

I enjoy comments from readers, both those whom I know personally and those whom I've only encountered here. And if you've been lurking (yes, you!), make yourself known. Keep 'em coming and I'll do the same.


Isabelle said...

Joyeux anniversaire à ton blog, Anne!
And keep entertaining us with your great entries.

jonnifer said...

Happy anniversary! I very much agree with your reflections on how blogging keeps you engaged and in a mindset of discovery. Looking foward to another year of wonderful posts!

Starman said...

Bon anniversaire!!

Tanya said...

I'm delurking to wish you Happy Anniversary! I spent 10 days in Paris last March and reading your blog reminds me of all that I've seen and what I'd like to see next time I'm there :)

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