Visiting Paris

If you are planning to come to Paris as a tourist, here are a couple of links to either help you get started or perhaps to answer any nagging questions.

There's a whole category of posts on this blog called "tips for tourists," as well as one designated "things to do in Paris."  If you cursor down the right hand side of the page, you will find them.  But here, just to make it easier for you, are three of my favorites:

 Top 10 Things to Do With Kids in Paris:  I wrote this guest post for the travel blog, My Little Nomads.  You can also find additional information for travelling in France with kids on this site.  Personally, I don't agree with Hogg's advice on hotels.  If you are traveling with kids and staying more than 3 days, you should definitely rent an apartment.  It's a much better value for the money and you will have more space.  There are tons of agencies who manage short-term rentals in Paris; I recommend starting with VRBO (vacation rental by owner).  I have used them in many places in Europe and the United States and have always been satisfied.

Eating Out in Paris....With Kids:  This article by Sylvia Sabes for Girls' Guide to Paris is brimming with good sense.  And no, I've never seen a high chair in any restaurant in Paris, low-end or otherwise.

Free Podcasts from Rick Steves:  Say what you will about Rick Steves but he has been our constant companion while travelling throughout Europe and honestly, he has never let us down in terms of hotels, restaurants, or sights.  My most recent discovery is his free podcast walking tours.  You can also download these from iTunes.

My favorite guidebook for families traveling to Paris is Valerie Gwinner's guide Paris with Kids by Open Road Travel Guides.  It is out of print but still available through Amazon US.   Another terrific guidebook is Discover the Louvre Together by Seonaid McArthur which allows your kids to be your tour guide in the Louvre -- empowering and fun.  This book is available from Amazon's French and UK sites; it is also available for purchase in the Louvre's bookshop for kids which is located in the hallway between the Carrousel du Louvre shopping mall and the main entry hall under the Pyramid.
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