Thursday, May 29, 2008

Vincent Van Gogh's Last Days

A friend of mine passed along to me tickets to the French Open for today. I know next to nothing about professional tennis but figured what the heck. The Roland Garros tennis complex is not too far away and I found another friend willing to go along for the ride. We had a good time but it was not really blogworthy. So instead today, we have a guest blogger sharing details about the school field trip to Auvers sur Oise, the town where Vincent Van Gogh lived last. Here goes:

Today, my class rode on a bus for about an hour. We went to Auvers sur Oise to learn about Vincent Van Gogh. He lived there for 70 days and painted around 70 paintings in those 70 days. We saw where he lived (just a room) and where his neighbor lived (again, just a room). They were very small and had nothing in them. We saw where Vincent Van Gogh painted a picture of a church and tried to find the exact spot where he stood. We also saw the place where he painted what we think was his last picture. We saw where Vincent Van Gogh was buried. He is buried there with his brother named Theodore Van Gogh. Theodore died a year later than Vincent. My teacher said she believed he died of a broken heart. The last thing we saw was a statue of Van Gogh and his clothes were done in impasto (which is basically the sign of Van Gogh).

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