Thursday, June 11, 2009

Be Prepared

If I had a nickel for every time I've received a card like this one in my mailbox over the past 21 months, I could maybe afford a cup of coffee in Paris. Seriously, we probably receive more of these little emergency phone number cards (really just disguised advertisements for the local locksmith, plumber, and electrician) than honest-to-goodness mail. And despite all that, I don't have one posted by the telephone.

For those who don't read French, the numbers are for: locksmith, window repair, electrician, plumber, heating repair, emergency medical response, police, firefighters, poison control, physicians who make house calls, and burn center.


Starman said...

In ten years, I've never had the occasion to call one of those numbers and I'm grateful for that. But don't you love that the doctors in France will make house calls?

Anonymous said...

call one of these numbers in red and you will have to call "maman" or "papa" to help pay for the bill!! (my experience, but I'm too shameful to say how much I accepted to pay for my broken window)

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