Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Perfect Guest

The other day, a friend told me about a writing exercise she had done that involved describing the perfect guest. We have not been as inundated with houseguests as I had originally expected but I've been doing a fair amount of bed making and extra grocery shopping of late, and thus this topic resonated with me. Honestly, I don't mind the extra work as long as it's for someone I enjoy. And if you pick your friends well and discourage visits from those you find toxic (family or friends), it is a pleasure to share the best of Paris. That being said, in my book, the truly perfect guest asks (rather than informs) well in advance, is confident and willing to do their own thing a lot of the time, and offers to help out with meals, dishes, and whatnot. Our guests of late have been all of these so I can't complain.

But let me point out one teensy little item for people planning to visit Paris. In Paris, it rains. A lot. As in all the time. As in even when the day starts beautifully as it did yesterday, it still will probably get damp before night falls. And unlike in DC, where the umbrella sellers crop up like weeds on street corners every time it rains, finding an umbrella in Paris requires a bit more work and a lot more cash. So please, bring an umbrella or a jacket with a hood. Because yesterday, I sent off a family of five with two umbrellas. The reason I didn't have more is that the guest who was here two weeks ago left with the umbrella she borrowed from me. Bottom line: the perfect guest brings his or her own rain gear.


Carolyn said...

Great post.

For various horror-story reasons I have 'issues' with guests (basically have stopped having them and am now much happier just being an enthusiastic local tour guide) and admire you for having a family of five (!) as such.

Good on ya.

Starman said...

I didn't experience as much rain in my visits, and when it did rain, it was more like a short shower. There are a lot of little stores (usually run by Muslims) that sell cheap umbrellas. You can spot them from a block or two away, because of all the merchandise they have on the sidewalk in front.

Amy said...

was that me?

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