Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caught Short

I wish I had had my camera this week on several occasions. If I had been better prepared, here's two scenes I might have shared:

a baguette posed on top of one of La Poste's yellow mailboxes.

a 40ish fellow on the metro one evening, dressed in a suit. He's flushed and sweating and his shirt collar is too tight. He turns his head and I can see that his forehead is a maze of surgical tape, blood oozing out from the edges. I start to make up half a dozen stories about what happened. And then the crowd parts a bit and I can see his gym bag at his feet with his boxing gloves peeking out.


Starman said...

Maybe he should think about another 'sport'.

debbie in toronto said...

isnt' that always the way...never a camera when you need one...although most cell phones are now cameras too...

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