Monday, July 6, 2009

Metro Ticket Origami

Back when I was in scouts, we learned how to make a sit upon, tie a bow hitch, and make a campfire. The scouts in Paris are focused on urban survival skills such as how to fold a Metro ticket into a jumping frog. With the help of a guest blogger, we provide instructions on this all-important bit of city know-how.

1. Start with a used Metro ticket.

2. Make a diagonal fold by folding the top right hand corner flush with the left side. Crease and unfold.

3. Make a similar diagonal fold by folding the top left hand corner flush with the right side. Crease and unfold.

4. Using the crease lines you've just made, pinch in the sides and press down the top, creating a triangle.

5. Fold up the bottom right of the triangle to meet the top.

6. Repeat fold on opposite side.

7. Fold in the side so it meets the magnetic strip along the length of the ticket.

8. Repeat on other side.

9. Fold the ticket in half longways.

10. Fold back the top so it doubles back on itself.

11. Voila! You have a frog.

12. Make your frog jump by pushing down on its backside.

We used to have about a hundred of these frogs in our apartment until I convinced said scout that they should go in the recycling bin.


Starman said...

A "sit upon"?

Anne said...

It's the classic Girl Scout project: something to sit on when you're outdoors so your back side doesn't get cold and damp. It can be made with old newspapers, vinyl tablecloths or other surplus materials.

QBParis said...

With a bit of lanyard added to your sit upon, you could tie it around your waist and always have it at the ready... Be prepared! ;-)

benwyschnja said...

Thanks for something to do on a Sunday afternoon! The Adelaide public transport tickets are the same size as the french ones (, as our system originally came from France. Heres my shot at it:

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