Sunday, January 6, 2008

La Galette Des Rois

Foiled again. I made a New Year's resolution to get a handle on my appetite for sweets only to find les galette des rois (king's cake) being offered in every shop in the neighborhood. The French celebrate the first Sunday in January with this unbelievably rich cake which, at least in Paris, is all almond paste, sugar, and butter. A little trinket called a feve is cooked inside and whomever finds the feve gets to wear the crown. Theoretically, I could have resisted such a purchase. As it turned out, our younger child went to a cooking class and came home with an entire galette plus instructions that she had to sit under the table while the cake was being cut and call out who would get each slice. I got the feve but she took all the glory. Back to my diet tomorrow.

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