Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Coco Smokes!

There was a bit of dustup over the new film about Coco Chanel while I was away on vacation. The film, which opened last week, tells the story of the legendary couturier's rise to fame and is being advertised all over town. Too bad the posters slated for buses and the subway showed the actress Audrey Tatou smoking. Under the Evin law, it's a big no no to show smoking in a favorable light. So down came the ads with the lit cigarette and up went the ones showing Tatou with her arms around her leading man.

But wait there's more...since the real Chanel was a serious smoker and in fact, was rarely photographed without a cigarette, a whole other debate has started as to whether the ads should be construed as glamorizing smoking or simply being true to a piece of French heritage. In the meantime, Le Figaro gives the film two hearts, the same rating as the new Zac Efron film. Ouch.


Starman said...

So all of a sudden, the French are doing the politically correct thing? More and more Americanization. Sad.

Grace and Bradley said...

The first poster with the cigarette is so much better than the second one. I still remember the day that we could not go to any bar or restaurant without seeing smoking everywhere. Amazing how suddenly it all changed.

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