Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Meditation on Fish

I'm so excited -- yesterday in my e-mail, I found a message from a small American publishing house inquiring about turning my blog into a book. It's too early to tell whether this will really happen, just how many hoops there are to jump through, but nonetheless, I've been walking around ten feet above the ground.

April Fool! No, who am I kidding? That's about as good an April Fool's joke as I'm going to come up with today. The French have their own tradition of jokes and pranks on April 1st, the main one being to tape a paper fish on someone's back without them knowing. Ha ha's almost as funny as (and certainly less mean spirited than) a "kick me" sign.


Duchesse said...

Too bad it was a Poisson d'avril!:) I got all excited at the prospect of reading a book about your experience in Paris!:)

I discovered your blog a few weeks back and love it:) Your positive approach is quite refreshing and I can't get enough of it!:)

Keep up the good work! You have at least one HUGE fan:)

EMMELYN said...

hi, is also doing an april fool segment today!! how funny, about the fish too! i hope your blog gets turned into a book!

Anne said...

Thanks for the votes of confidence. I got my husband and one kid today by saying casually, "Did you hear that Sarkozy resigned?" Worked like a charm.

Starman said...

Sarkozy resigned? Wow, that's news! I hadn't heard. I'll tell everyone.

Cécile Qd9 said...

we call our april fool's jokes "poisson d'avril"... (april fish). Just don't ask me why... I think nobody really knows.

Some are quite funny in the newspapers and on TV. I wrote one for my blog telling I was a big fan of one of those has-been singers who was alrealdy has-been in the 70's and 80's.

It worked too well... and I was kind of "vexée" that some people could possibly think it was true... ;o)

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