Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weekend Noir

Yep, it's officially August. Although the pace of city life has been winding down for the past two weeks, the big flight for the hills, the beaches, anywhere but here, started yesterday. The authorities issued an alert for the weekend with traffic expected to be at its worst (code noir) today, meaning long lines at airports and train stations, and many miles of traffic backups on the highways. As for me, we're staying put for the moment. And the good news for those staying in town, parking is free at 90 percent of meters throughout the month of August. The trick: make sure the meter specifically says "gratuit mois d'août." The catch: you still have to find an empty space.


KimB said...

Yes, but especially in my old neighborhood in Victor Hugo, it was quite easy to find a space since all the rich French people had left town!

I loved it! (until someone stole one of the exterior rear-view mirrors off my MINI two nights before I was leaving to go back to the States . . )

Starman said...

The crime rate in Paris seems to be increasing dramatically.

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