Sunday, August 30, 2009

La Rentrée

It's official. Summer is over. The traffic was murder over the weekend (or so I heard). People are back in their offices and the shops are all open for business. School starts Wednesday for the big kids, Thursday for the little ones. New notebooks, pencils, backpacks, school shoes, the works. The guys living on the sidewalk outside our place even have a new couch.

For me, the change has been dramatic. After spending most of August in a city where the streets and subways were virtually empty and friends were scattered to the four corners of the earth, some for good, some just for awhile, suddenly my dance card is full again. Meetings at school, social gatherings, new families with loads of questions. My language classes will start again soon. And there's a crispness in the air that's an invitation to walk and walk, something that was not so inviting in the dog days of summer. Forget April in Paris, September's the best.


debbie in toronto said...

I couldn't agree more Anne...I was there last September and it is still lovely in the parks, the tourists are mostly gone (except for me ha ha)the lineups are manageable and like you I walked and walked.

I wish I was coming again right now....

Starman said...

Shhh, don't tell everyone about September in Paris. It can be our little secret.

Duchesse said...

I'd always dreamt of Paris in the Fall (fave city and fave season),and I finally went at the end of Septembre/beginning of October last year. Unfortunately for me, there was a fair amount of rain, but it was lovely all the same.

The next time, I won't bother with an umbrella though: will just get myself a raincoat and hat:)

La rentrée is my favourite time of year, always have been:) I like new beginnings:) In September, anything seems possible:)

Enjoy your full dance card, Anne, and your alone time now that the kids are back in school:) Looking forward to reading all about your new discoveries:)

Et bonne chance avec les cours de français:)

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