Friday, October 16, 2009

Birds but No Bees

I've got an animal lover in the house who's dying for a pet. But to my mind, a Parisian apartment is no place for a dog, I can't stand cats, and how much love do you really get from a fish anyway? Nonetheless, a kid's passion must be fed in one way or another. One strategy is to visit the market Place Louis-Lépine on Ile de la Cité on Sunday mornings. It's mostly birds and cute furry creatures such as rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters. You can also buy food for your feathered friends and all manner of gear -- cages, perches, dog carriers, leashes, chew toys, the works. Lots to see and good people watching too. And my advice to parents: have a plan for something to do afterwards like a visit to the Conciergerie or lunch at a creperie lest you get talked into buying a critter all of your own.


Starman said...

I think I would have opted for the zoo.

Janney said...

Thanks for sharing this. There are indeed lots of interesting places there in Paris. I'll soon visit the place to satisfy my curiosity. By the way, I found a fantastic Paris adventure that might interest you too. Thanks and have a wonderful day!

preppyplayer said...

This is how I know you are American. Would a Parisian
EVER say that an apartment is no place for a dog?
( I feel the same as you by the way)

I'll never forget how surprised I was to see dogs in department stores in Paris. I was preoccupied with wondering what happened if they needed to... you know. Do they just leave it there, like on the sidewalks? LOL

Cameron (Defining Your Home) said...

The bird market was interesting (we stayed on Ile de la Cité in May).

We have a pet bird (did have 2). We still have a yellow cockatiel not that different from the one in the middle top row of your photos. Birds live 12-75 years, depending upon the type.

Trust me... birds make more mess in a house than a dog! Fluff and stuff everywhere. They have no lips, so food goes everywhere. They have night frights and can break some feathers and splatter blood on the walls.

A greyhound (not an Italian greyhound as they don't bond to people very well) or whippet... good house dogs. Can you tell we have a greyhound? :-)


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