Saturday, October 17, 2009

Market Day Aftermath

Paris's open air markets are a feast for the eyes and I bet if you looked around the blogosphere, you'd find a whole lot of pictures of veggies, fruits and flowers, cheese and fish, sausages and scarves, olives and spices, and all manner of other stuff. What you might not get to see though is the amount of work it takes to make those markets come alive. The vendors bring tables, refrigerator cases, generators and signage, and it's the workers of the city of Paris who set up and take down the awnings (and clean up all the mess) after every market day.

I snapped these pictures a while back on Avenue President Wilson where these fellows were hard at work on the long stretch of that avenue that gets transformed into a gastronome's playground twice every week. Next time you sit down to eat some of Paris's bounty, remember to raise a glass to this hardworking crew.


Starman said...

Well, you learn something everyday. I thought the vendors cleaned up their own mess.

preppyplayer said...

I am a vendor at Lacrosse tournaments, horse shows, and other events. I wish I had a crew to set up and clean up... I also wish I could be a vendor in Paris!

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