Friday, February 26, 2010


Everywhere you go in Paris, you'll see this sign. The bottom line: do not, I repeat, do not post anything on this wall. And yet, isn't it paradoxical that the only way to get the message across is to post it in GIGANTIC letters everywhere? Yes, of course, this admonition is certainly less unsightly than peeling posters, stacked one atop the other, as you sometimes see elsewhere.

If you'd like a complete social history on the 1881 law, head on over to the always interesting blog, Invisible Paris, for a thorough explanation in this August 2009 post.


debbie in toronto said...

what happens if you do? the guillotine?..public flogging?

I'm amazed no one has spray painted on certainly see enough graffit everywhere...

bonne weekend!

Starman said...

What's really funny is when you see a poster pasted directly under these words.

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