Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow but No -Mageddon

It's been a big snow year for Paris although not clearly nothing on par with the heaps and piles of the white stuff that has been slamming the Mid-Atlantic. We all had a bit of snow envy last weekend after seeing pics sent by friends back home of silent streets, sledding parties, and snowball fights. Of course, at this point, after all the shoveling, power outages, and cancellations, I'm sure they're all ready to be done with it.

People from colder climes who live in the DC area always complain about lack of preparedness both on the part of the authorities and the citizens. But let me tell you folks: compared with Parisians, Washingtonians look like hearty Midwesterners. There's so little snow here on an average year that folks have no idea of what to do when the first flake appears. They're out in the streets in stilettos and canvas sneakers, washing their windowshields with bottled water (not so great an idea when the temps are hovering around freezing), and few think to take out even a broom to clear the sidewalk.

Some love the novelty, others less so. I overheard one older lady grumbling that snow was fine out in the country but definitely not "en ville." Lucky for her, it may snow here but it sure doesn't stick around.


Joy said...

Love the line - snow is fine in the country but not "en ville"!!

It's been fun watching as it snows here in the Tarn, compared to the snow back home in Saskatchewan.

debbie in toronto said...

just don't mention vegetables again..ha ha

Starman said...

If I had to have snow, I would take the French snow any day over the snow in the upper US.

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