Thursday, August 19, 2010

Breakfast of Champions

For a country that has such fabulous bread, delicious, abundant, and relatively inexpensive, how is it that a product like this has such a following? These dried toasts dominate the "petit dejeuner" aisle in the supermarket; I counted no fewer than a dozen varieties on my last visit. Granted the French are not big breakfast eaters. No Denny's Grand Slams for them. A croissant or tartine spread with butter and jam (or Nutella if you are a kid), a glass of orange juice, and a big bowl of coffee au lait is the classic offering.

But dried toasts out of a box? I'm game to try anything once but having done so, I can honestly say I won't do it twice -- give me yesterday's baguette anyday!


PigletinFrance said...

I had exactly the same experience when I first moved to France all that time ago! I have never since bought the things and wonder why my Beaux-Parents have them at home - disgusting aren't they?

Jessica said...

I cant wrap my head around having availability of fresh croissants but instead eat dried toasts??

Paris Paul said...

Yesterday's baguette is even better as "pain perdu" / French toast which, ironically enough, the French don't eat for breakfast.

debbie in toronto said...

what have they got againest eggs for breakfast?

Anne said...

Debbie: They don't have anything against eggs and there are definitely places in Paris where you can get them for breakfast. But the North American love of eggs in the morning appears to come from the British.

Breakfast is very different in different parts of the world. I understand fish and rice are the norm in Japan and the Egyptians go for fava beans and falafel. My only point was that if you are going to eat bread and the good stuff is available, why choose otherwise?!

Anonymous said...

I love these toasts - very Dutch (and they know how to do breakfast!). And also very common in Spain.

Parents stopped in Tokyo on the way to Australia and where amazed at people eating porridge with chopsticks!

Guessing they appeal to people who don't have time to buy fresh bread etc in the morning.

And they are brilliant for nibbles with an apero in the evening.


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