Friday, August 20, 2010

Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

Time for another round of curious translations of American movie titles into French. Interestingly, some of these movies are being released contemporaneously; others were released in the U.S. back in January and are only now showing in France.

And my personal favorite (although I have to confess that I wouldn't pay any amount of money to see this film):

By contrast, the titles of Inception, Night and Day, Salt, Twelve, and Toy Story 3 are exactly the same in France as in the original.


Paris Paul said...

I'm guessing they went with "Be Bad" because of the success of "Very Bad Trip" (i.e. "The Hangover" in VO). It looks like the pick of the litter, if you ask me!

debbie in toronto said...

sexy dance...that's funny....en 3D...a bad movie is a bad movie ..doesn't matter the title

have a good weekend.

sarah said...

ooooooo dear.
i have to go with sexy dance as my pick for the worst translation.
i wonder how they go about choosing the translation (especially english to english).

Jacques said...

And remember Sister Act, starring Whoopi Goldberg? In France, it became Rock'n Nonne !!

Anonymous said...

Not in France, no. It was Sister Act. Rock'n Nonne was the title for Québec.

Here are some teen movies titles that were changed for France :
- Cruel Intentions -> Sexe Intentions (but "Cruelles Intentions "when it aired on TF1 ages ago)
- Euro Trip -> Sex Trip
- Not Another Teen Movie -> Sex Academy (I see a theme there...)
- Bring it on -> American Girls
- Mean Girls -> Lolita malgré moi

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