Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dot Com or Point Com?

I use Yahoo for my e-mail and sometimes the navigation is in English, other times in French.  It's pretty much all the same to me.  After all, it could be in Greek or Russian or Swahili as long as the login box is in the same place. 

Someone mentioned to me the other day that the video which you can access from this start page  must have been taken in Paris, maybe because the dude's in a cafe and wearing a scarf.  But that table and coffee cup feel all wrong.  And then take a closer look at the scene out the window.  The sign on the shop clearly says "LOCKSMITH."  Euro inspired but definitely North American made.


Ryne said...

Yea, this advertisement was filmed in NYC. I know it's crazy for people who like to stereotype everything, but men in America like to wear scarfs too.

Starman said...

And the shop next to the locksmith clearly indicates "Cleaners". Still, it's a nice idea.

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