Monday, June 30, 2008

Hidden Gardens

The New York Times ran an article in yesterday's Travel section about the hidden gardens of Paris. But they missed one of my favorites: the gardens that lie along the western edge of the Palais de Tokyo. From busy Avenue President Wilson, you take a steep flight of steps down to the quiet rue de la Manutention.

There, in a space just a few meters deep, is a series of gardens running the length of the museum, each with its own personality and style, lovingly cultivated by amateur gardeners.

Monica's garden is all in yellow, the color of the sun and life. It's also the home of her little pretend yellow-eyed chicken Philiberte to whom she talks as if it were a dog.

Carole wishes her garden would grow year round because she wishes to enjoy it even in winter. So she has mixed herbs like coriander and lemongrass with roses.

Hao's sign reads, "A small corner of paradise against a corner of my garden."

Olivier's garden seeks to recreate in miniature a kitchen garden he cultivated with his father in the Auvergne region.

Not sure who this little guy belongs to, but for my money, he picked a primo spot to hang out.

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