Wednesday, June 11, 2008

School's (almost) Out

While the French schools are in session until the end of the month, the international schools in Paris are wrapping it up for the year -- exams and caps and gowns for the big kids, sprinklers and ice cream parties for the little ones, and lots of concerts and special presentations for everyone in between. Today at one of these events, I found myself saying so long for the summer to some families and good-bye for good to others who will be returning home or moving on to different posts in the next few weeks. Even though I can still feel like a fish out of water here, it hit me that next year, when the new families arrive, I'll be one of the vets, dispensing advice and offering reassurances. Boy, that went fast!


yeclek said...

My husband is a school-teacher and our only hope of moving to Paris someday is finding him a job in one of the international schools you mention here. Do you have any idea where we could look for a list of the international schools in Paris? Haven't had much luck so far. By the way, I just got hooked on your blog after reading it on the Paris Blogger site. Very fun to read about your experiences.

Anne said...

Thanks for reading. I don't remember where I first started but check out: The list, while, not exhaustive, should get you going. Bonne courage!

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