Wednesday, June 4, 2008

News Roundup

I imagine the front pages today in the U.S. are all Obama, all the time so here for contrast are some of the images from the news this morning in Paris.

Truck and taxi drivers are conducting "operation escargot," slowing down traffic on major roads across France, to protest the high price of gas (which is about twice the price in the U.S.). Fishermen and farmers have also been protesting for weeks.

Gaël Monfils is the last French tennis player still in contention for the title at Roland Garros.

Carla Bruni talks about her marriage and her future in a new book.

The Socialists and the UMP (Sarkozy's party) are calling each other names. The latest controversy is over an action by Rachida Dati, the minister of justice, who initially affirmed, and then later agreed to appeal, a decision by a court in Lille annulling the marriage of a Muslim couple because the wife was apparently not a virgin, as claimed.

Truth be told, Obama's win is above the fold in all the major papers. More to come.

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