Thursday, February 5, 2009

25 Things I Love About Paris: #2

2. Street art that's more than grafitti.

This wall is on rue Mouffetard near the Pantheon. The painting is by Pierre Alechinsky, the poem is by Yves Bonnefoy. I've looked around for a translation but finding none, I'm not going to even try. Suffice it to say, that it's about a tree and how it affects people.

Lots more great wall art can be found in Belleville and the Buttes aux Cailles neighborhoods, among others.


Junebug said...

Passer by, looks at this large tree and through him it can be enough.
Because same tears, impression, the tree of the streets, it is all nature, all the sky, the bird is posed there, the wind moves there, the soy says the same hope in

It goes on to say that the philosopher can have this tree in their street.

The translation for so y is incorrect but I couldn't do better.

Very nice graffiti.

Elizabeth said...

I have this same photo. I just got done reading your Top 25 and have to say, "well done".

Unknown said...

Passer-by, take a look at this tree
And through it
that can be enough.

For even splintered, filthy,
the urban tree
is all of nature,
all the sky,
the bird lands in it,
the wind blows through it, the sun
speaks of the same hope
in spite of death.

should you be so lucky as to have the tree
on your street,
your thoughts will be less painful,
your eyes more free,
your hands more desirous
of less night.

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