Thursday, February 12, 2009

And Now for a Break from Our Regular Programming

We interrupt the 25 Things I Love About Paris stream for a few updates:

1. Since my post about American novels generated so much interest, here's the deal. I ended up picking Little House on the Prairie because a) there's a copy in the house and b) I wouldn't have to re-read it to write the report. I made my presentation on Tuesday; my fellow students had no comment. My somewhat kooky French teacher, a very proper Parisian of a certain age, first informed me that there was a series on French television of the same name (oh really?) plus she was extremely interested in the whole concept of homesteading.

2. I found out that another one of my French teachers is a comtesse. She's got an apartment full of incredible antiques and a 13 bedroom "country home" so maybe that should have been a giveaway. She's a lovely person though, full of interesting stories and a warm personality, so I'm glad to be on a first name basis with her.

3. Talks have begun between the French government and the new crowd in Washington over the Roquefort taxation issue. The new tariffs are not set to go into effect until March 23rd so I guess there's time to clear up the stink, so to speak.

4. Finally, would someone please explain these shoes (both the price, about $850 at today's exchange rate) and their appeal. My younger child, who was with me when I took the photo, was puzzled about how they should be worn and suggested that they come with a users' guide. (I'll give you a hint what won't be on my top 25 list.)

We now return to our usual program.


DiaryofWhy said...

I used an excerpt from Little House on the Prairie in my classes, which worked out pretty well because the kids already were familiar with the story and the characters from the t.v. show. It's funny to me that these kids are watching the same show I watched so many years ago when I was a kid. :)

debbie said...

told you little house on the prairie would be good...easy peasy...take care Anne...

John said...

Being a man, not sure I can unravel the mystery of the shoes, though I will say they look uncomfortably tall and ugly. It never ceases to surprise me what people are willing to pay for clothes.

Starman said...

Those shoes are no worse than many others I've seen on the feet of women around the world. Why you guys would wear shoes with heels that high has always baffled me. I know they're supposed to make your legs looks better, but do they? Is it any wonder women have more hip problems when they get older?

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