Sunday, February 8, 2009

25 Things I Love About Paris: #5

5. Le pain

Yet another Parisian stereotype but for good reason. Bread is serious business here and it's seriously good. We've not quite gotten down the routine of picking up bread every single day but we're getting close. The bakery on our corner serves it up fresh and hot; it can be hard to get home without breaking off the top (quignon) for a little snack. After months of buying the plain old "baguette", I've since decided that "le tradition" is the best -- a bit crunchier on the outside and chewier on the inside. Toasted with salted butter and fig jam in the morning, it's hard to beat.


marieloupe said...

You're surelly rigth! There is no bread anywhere like the old fashioned pain de Paris!

Starman said...

I doubt that I will ever get to taste a baguette fresh from the oven, I can't get up and out that early.

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