Sunday, May 3, 2009

How 'Bout Them Peppers?

Believe it or not, these sorry looking peppers were for sale outside one of the many tiny alimentations (corner groceries) that you find walking the neighborhoods of Paris. My sister, who is visiting, couldn't believe I would take a picture of them and kept on walking up the street while I snapped this shot. As for myself, I was simply hoping against hope that the owner wouldn't come out and give me a piece of his mind, or worse yet, make me buy one.


Starman said...

I wonder how long he has had them?

Grace and Bradley said...

I remember seeing them in the small grocery in France, business was not too good. But, how you love them. First they have not been kept in the fridge but let outside on the stand in its natural state. Second, it is not industrialized and covered with wax to keep it looks fresh all the time as in the US supermarket. I bet if we grill them, peel away the skin and soak them in olive oil, they will not taste too bad.

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