Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paris Je T'Aime

The other night I watched Paris Je T'Aime again. Okay, I skipped over the segment where Elijah Wood gets bitten by a vampire but I watched the other 17 segments in their entirety including the weird one set in a Porte de Choisy beauty salon catering to an Asian clientele. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me back up. Paris Je T'Aime is a collection of 18 short films by world class directors and featuring world class talent. Each one is set in a different section of Paris and attempts to capture a slice of life in that location. They are funny, sweet, tender, heart wrenching, and sometimes a bit bizarre. There are archetypes and stereotypes and true originals plus the glorious views of Parisian rooftops including, naturally, the Eiffel Tower.

The first time I saw the film was in spring 2007, just after we'd learned that we'd be moving to Paris that August. It was a rush then and I still enjoy it now, even though I'm not yet able to watch it with the subtitles turned off. And though the pronounciation of the American woman who narrates the last scene is simply excruciating, I was always get teared up by her heartfelt sentiments. I don't own many movies but I'm happy to have this one on my shelf.


DiaryofWhy said...

I LOVE this movie, though I watched it before I ever knew I would be coming to Paris. I'll definitely have to watch it again when I get back to the States and am homesick for la France.

Virginia said...

Unfortunately my French sounds like that dear ladies! My whole French class sounded like her. I"ve laughed over that. I"m in Paris for 3 weeks and the country for maybe a month and a half. I am bookmarking your blog. I have two: Paristhroughmylens.blogspot.com and

Virginia said...

Pardon! I meant lady's not ladies. Jet lag-ha

Starman said...

I've seen several segments, but I haven't yet seen the entire show.

jonnifer said...

I've only seen the Steve Buscemi in the Metro one - brilliant! It's too bad they don't have the 11e arrondissment, though. I would have loved to see it.

Duchesse said...

Actually, in the Wes Craven segment, it was Elijah Wood, not Ethan Hawke:)

I too own the movie:) Comes in handy when I have one of those pesky "Paris-withdrawal" episodes;)

Enjoy the beautiful Parisian spring, lucky you:) I had a taste of it the week before Easter as I went to Paris with my husband (his first trip there!:)) Always a treat:) I try to go to Paris once a year: good for the soul:)

A similar film on NY (I Love You NY) will be released shortly:) I'll be the first one in line to see it, no doubt:)

I love your blog. Your postings are little gems:) Keep up the good work!:)

Anne said...

Virginia: I'll keep an eye out for your photos. Enjoy your stays.

Duchesse: Oops. Yes, of course, it's Elijah Wood. I'll make the correction.

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