Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Potential Blogging Topics for the Week

  1. Bizarro weather; time to put away winter clothes or not?
  2. Child #1 finally released from braces; unfortunately child #2 just got own braces
  3. Writing French vs. speaking French
  4. Ideas for new blog series following success of "25 things I love about"
  5. Enjoying Paris while avoiding organ meats: is this possible?
  6. French notion that olive oil makes you fat (as opposed to butter?)
  7. I really shouldn’t be blogging since I haven’t…… (fill in the blank, the list is long)
  8. 3 year old child terrorizes peacock at Parc Bagatelle while mother looks on

On the other hand, today is the last day to take advantage of the UGC movie chain's offer: every theater, every film, every showing -- just 3 euros. Let me get back to you.


EMMELYN said...

I watched coco avant chanel today,c'est super! 3euro in UGC Danton....go cheap tix!they should have it more often in Paris

Starman said...

I live idea #6. Of course, the French have a lot of strange notions.

Carolyn said...

What a fabulous list!

I love #8. We have been on a fair few airplanes recently, many with 1-3 year-olds behaving badly while mother/father wears headphones, watches movie, and periodically goes "shhhhhhhh". Toddlers do so well when they are completely ignored and expected to sit quietly for hours on end.

Congrats on #1 braces off!


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