Saturday, May 2, 2009

Real or Memorex?

I was walking with my kids in the 7th arrondissement a couple of weeks ago when I happened upon this scene. The park is the Square des Missions Étrangères on rue de Bac just two steps from Le Bon Marche and only one step from an ice cream shop, Le Bac à Glaces, recommended by David Lebovitz, a man who really knows his frozen desserts. At that moment, the blooms were such that the difference between the real trees and those on the wall were almost indistinguishable. The focal point of the park is a bust of French writer Chateaubriand who once lived across the street. For my money, the wall paintings certainly trumped the statuary.


Andrea said...

That's one of my favourite parks in Paris. I love to grab some food from le Bon Marche and have lunch there.

Starman said...

Does life get any better than spring in Paris?

Cécile Qd9 said...

A place totaly unknown to me... Thanks

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