Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dawn at the Boulangerie

While I'm still just rolling out of bed and into the shower at 7:15 a.m., my good friend Carol is out walking her dog, experiencing a slice of Parisian life that is hidden to the rest of us. Yesterday, she was witness to something truly cool: the delivery of flour to her neighborhood boulangerie. What's more, she was clever enough to whip out her iPhone and nice enough to pass along the photos for all to see.

Yes, the "ammo" that sustains Paris is bread.

Now, you might expect the driver to hop off the truck, get out his dolly, and wheel those sacks of bleached goodness into the store. But no! The truck is equipped with a hose that goes directly into the building for the super efficient filling of the boulangerie stocks.

I can't even begin to imagine the quantity of flour used daily in Paris. I can imagine, however, that those truck drivers are much happier to be hooking up the hose than toting those sacks.

Thanks a million, Carol. Could viewing Paris through the eyes of a blogger be catching?


debbie in toronto said...

very cool ....who knew?...of course if they tried that here there would be a uproar about whether or not the hose was sanitary and regulations etc...gotta love the french.

mtnbiker404 said...

That's pretty neat. Quite efficient as far as I'm concerned. Good for them.

Harriet said...

Thanks for this bit of French trivia....I had no idea that flour was delivered this way!

Kerrin @ MyKugelhopf said...

Wow, that is very cool. Never knew that either. So many discoveries to be made - at all hours of the day!

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