Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getta Hair Cut!

I received an e-mail today from Sarah, a New Yorker in Paris for an extended stay. For some reason, Sarah thought that I might have a line on someone who could give her a hair cut. She assumed correctly that I've reached a certain age that is euphemistically called "mature" but incorrectly that I actually have a decent hair cut myself. Let's just put it this way. My hair cut at the moment looks like crap. I try to wrangle it into submission every morning but before long, I'm going to have to find someone new to cut my hair, someone with whom I can communicate, who will actually do what I want (which is give me a low maintenance but non-frumpy looking hair cut), and who will not keep insisting that I color my hair. (It's not gray, not even close, but my current hair guy just wants to play.)

So since I was a total washout for Sarah, let me turn it over to the blogosphere. Anyone out there know of a decent stylist in Paris who can make those of us over 40 look reasonably put together? Price is less of a concern than the quality of the cut. English language skills are not a prerequisite.

Fire it up people.


Katia said...

My hairdresser is AMAZING. He does a WONDERFUL job, and the staff is used to giving hair cuts to people of all ages, with all styles. I get compliments on my cut all time :)
As for Jean-Philippe, the owner, and tell him Katia, the Australian girl, sent you :)
Audebert Coiffure
88 bd St Germain 75005 PARIS
01 43 26 90 25

Starman said...

Quite a while ago, I read a blog about someone who found the "perfect" hairdresser, but I can't remember who it was.

debbie in toronto said...

Starman I think that was Tamara a Paris...her blog is still up but she's no longer in Paris...check it out.

Anonymous said...


Am shocked and dismayed by your implication that once you have some grey, coloring will be worth considering! Just say no.

A fan in Chicago

Shelli and Gene said...

At the recommendation of a friend who had been happy with these folks, I have been going to the salon of Jamal Fakih at 55 Avenue Marceau. Fancy neighborhood, small homey salon. Anna has twice given me an excellent haircut, exactly what I asked for.

And if color should ever be wanted, Catherine is very good as well.

They don't speak English, but if you tell them la dame Americaine referred you they'll probably know it's me.


Paris Getaways said...

If you, like me, have plenty of baby fine, straight hair that looks limp with a bad cut, try Daniel at Coiffure Sylvie Sandy. He won't charge you a ridiculous amount, but he is not one of those cheap clip places, either.
M: Madeleine
6, rue Castellane 8e
Tél: 01 4265 4234

sarah meredith said...

As the one who started this, I felt it was my duty to try one of the suggestions - which I did today. Audebert on Blvd St. Germain and thanks to Katia I have a really good haircut. We will see what happens when I have to blow it out myself but it seems pretty promising. Really nice people, took me right away even though the place was packed. Divine shampoo. I think I screwed up with the tipping - having never had my hair cut here so I didn't know what exactly to do, but nobody chased me down the street. And if the cut works out, I am going back just before I head home to NY. So Thanks!

Sharmaigne said...

Hiya, just stumbled on to your blog...tres bien! I have a very good friend with an expat salon/art gallery in Ivry-sur-Seine. 20 min from Chatelet on line 7, many many years experience as a stylist (I've been with her for nearly 4 years) and a hoot to boot. The salon is go have a look. It is a great spot for expats, networking and drinking champagne with some lovely girls! Have a look upstairs at the new consignment shop upstairs..GREAT handbags!

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