Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Just Say No

I've walked past this shop before and never had any problem resisting those bagels, particularly since they cost almost three bucks in American terms. But yesterday I had a sick kid on my hands and I thought a toasted bagel, a little bit of warm chewy goodness, might just be the ticket.

Nuff said. The two folks working in the store were quite nice but it was just bagel shaped bread and not even very good bread at that. Sad to say that, although Americans love French food and the French, though deny it they will, love American treats, we don't do a very good job in implementing each other's cuisine.

And yet sick child was happy and perhaps that's enough for any mom. The rest of you: stick with the boulangerie.


Lisa@Pickles and Cheese said...

Thanks for the tip! I hope your sick child is much better soon. So you still celebrate Thanksgiving even though you are living in Paris? If so, Happy Thanksgiving!

debbie in toronto said...

Happy Thanksgiving tommorrow Anne....enjoy and hope junior is better soon.

preppyplayer said...

Too funny. Actually, our bagel snob family won't eat bagels that aren't made in the NY area. It's the water that makes them special we're told :)

Anne said...

Thanks for the get well wishes. The sick child made a miraculous recovery and went to school today.

Starman said...

I remembered reading Chocolate and Zucchini several years ago about bagels. She was quite impressed with actual NYC bagels in the Marais at the Bagel Store, 31 rue de Turenne, 01 44 78 06 05. I'm not sure it's still there, but you could trying calling.

Shelli and Gene said...

The Bagel Store on rue de Turenne is no longer there, but Clotilde had a recipe for bagels on her blog not long ago.

I'm not interested in baking them myself, but I had a quite good one at Scoop, 154 rue Saint Honoré.

LA Frog said...

"We don't do a very good job in implementing each other's cuisine": sadly true. In Los Angeles where we live, even the best croissants pale in comparison to those at home and cost at least $2.50. French restaurants are outrageously expensive with dumbed down cuisine, nothing to excite the palate. We get great bagels, though ;)

ParisBreakfasts said...

I will NEVER darken that doorstep..
But why oh why do I have to drag Murrey's weigh-a-ton Seseme bagels over to a French friend from New York?
Either that or sleep in the street.
I'll do it!

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