Monday, November 9, 2009

On Point

Last year my French teacher gave us a little exercise: write about something in Paris that you have found particularly striking. One of my classmates, a Ukrainian gal, wrote that she had never lived anywhere where the men are better dressed and coiffed than the women. And while French women are certainly no slouches, it's true that there's a certain type of Parisian dude who pays very careful attention to his appearance.

In addition to the hair gel and cool eyeglasses, one of the trends for men at the moment is super pointy shoes, the kind that extend well beyond the end of your foot. These aren't the pointiest I've seen, simply the best I could do with my point and shoot camera. I'm sure they come in handy for killing bugs in corners. I can't imagine though that they're too comfortable. But then why should only women be slaves to fashion?


Gator said...

I'm not sure I'd put "pointy shoes" in the good fashion category.

(euphemism: I find them ugly and stupid and I'd be caught dead before wearing such a pair)

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debbie in toronto said...

let's hope that fashion stays on your side of the ocean...ha ha

Starman said...

Pointy shoes have been the thing for at least a few years. Definitely not something I would wear, but then, I am an old fart.

french for a while said...

The pointy shoes drive me crazy. Perhaps I'm too American.

Don't know why I haven't caught our 'DC' connection before. Hope you're having a great time in France.

Tanya said...

These shoes are not good! When I lived in St Petersburg you'd only see them on certain type of folks that arrived from the republics of Caucasus and were selling stuff on the market (white or black)... Seeing them in Paris was a big bad surprise.

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