Thursday, December 31, 2009


It's New Year's Eve and time to pop a cork. And on both sides of the pond, champagne is de rigeur.

But here in France, the home of the real deal (anything else is just sparkling wine), champagne is actually an every day kind of drink. Well perhaps that's going too far. A drink so elegant could never be that. But even homebody that I am, I've had more champagne in two years in Paris than I'd had in the 25 years prior. Rather than reserve it for special occasions, a flute of the bubbly is almost always offered as an aperitif and you'd be hard pressed to find a party or reception where it's not being poured. In a restaurant at 16 euros or so for the coupe, you might think twice about it. But when offered in someone's home, I never refuse! Getting together with friends is reason enough to celebrate. Cheers!


debbie in toronto said...

Happy New Year's to a another great year of your daily tastes of Paris....I'll be there!

all the best to you and your family

Anonymous said...

That sounds so decadent, but you are right. Just as when I lived in Maine I ate lobster about once a week. Happy new year!
P.S. Thanks for info on tech guy.

Starman said...

We will have a glass or two tonight, though Heidsieck would not be my choice..
Bonne Année!

Duchesse said...

Happy New Year, Anne! Wishing you good health to enjoy all new adventures, prosperity, abundance and peace of mind:)

I'm getting ready to welcome in the New Year in Ottawa with bubbly myself:) Wish I could see the fireworks above the Eiffel Tower! (Someday;))

Looking forward to reading about your experiences in 2010:)

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Happy New year from one Anne to Another :-)wish I could be in Paris to see the fireworks too!

Are you the Anne that emailed me about links to blogs .. ?

Anne said...

I missed the fireworks myself...can't stand crowds. No, it must have been some other Anne. But thanks for stopping by all the same.

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