Tuesday, December 29, 2009

When All is Said and Done

Technically, I suppose, the holiday season isn't over until after we ring in the New Year with plenty of oysters and champagne. And Paris is still bustling with holiday visitors, pushing and shoving in front of the windows at the grand magasins and jockeying to take pictures in front of the Arc de Triomphe, and the lights are still twinkling along the avenues. But they're already stocking galettes de roi for the feast of the Epiphany and this morning, I saw several examples of this:

Another one for the record books.


Starman said...

I love the Christmas trees in France. So much like A Charlie Brown Christmas.

debbie in toronto said...

so funny...and quaint.

Duchesse said...

God... the bare tree at the curb... that's depressing!

Eli said...

I was one of those tourists! First thing I spotted outside Gare du Nord was a forlorn tree.

Took pics of the scary (or is that just me?) windows at Printemps and Galleries.

Watched the queue for Grevin get longer and longer - at one point it was almost joining the queue for Chartiers!

Saw 3 musicals in under 36 hrs - 'Cendrillon' is an interesting take on Cinderella - ugly sisters were brilliant. Saw the 'alternate' Zorro and actually enjoyed the show far more. And knew not only most of the cast but around half of the audience!

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