Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Slave to Technology

I had a minor panic attack on Monday afternoon when suddenly my laptop didn't want to connect to the Internet reliably, e-mail attachments wouldn't download, and iTunes was frozen. I hate to admit it but I've become a complete slave to technology. Yes, we have more than one computer for our family of four but still. Blogging, listening to music and podcasts, downloading photos, reading the Washington Post and my e-mail, even checking the current temperature -- I rely on my computer for all of them.

Fortunately, the freelance tech guy I've used on two occasions in the past came to my rescue, via e-mail from his vacation in the U.S. My hero! His fix was simple, his responsiveness superb. Honestly, it doesn't get much better than that. So if you're in Paris, in need of English-speaking tech support at reasonable fees, drop me a line to and I'll e-mail you his contact info.


Carolyn said...

He sounds great.

I live on the internet (have written many posts about relying on it both at home and while away) so totally relate to your situation.

Well done on getting back up and running so quickly.

Cheers and happy new year!

Starman said...

Is there anyone who doesn't rely on their internet connection anymore? The first couple of days in Paris, I couldn't connect and my phone wasn't working. Talk about being cut off from the world!

Marie Reed said...

Over from Bob's blog:) I've been having an abominable time with my connection. Alice is such a bad girl..what a minx! I was thinking of switching to a Freebox until I read that Free actually recently bought Alice!

I recently found a new computer podcast obsession. Over at you can download tons of audiobooks in French for free:)

Nice to meet your blog!

Sharon said...

You need to send David Lebovitz that contact info. He gets really angry and frustrated with tech support in Paris.
Sharon (

Duchesse said...

I can totally relate!

Glad everything was fixed in no time flat:)

Belle de Ville said...

You're so lucky that you have a great tech guy. When I moved to France in 1997 and ordered four individual phone lines for my flat in the 8th (two computer lines, one business line and one home line), the France Telecom people told me that it was impossible to get. I did end up getting them but it wasn't easy.
I'm glad that solving tech problems in Paris has become easier in the last decade.

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