Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I never really noticed the number of French men wearing fishing vests until I read David Lebovitz's commentary on this and of course, after that, I saw them everywhere. (Although don't go looking for them now; it's strictly a warm weather thing.) Similarly, I'd never heard of the street artist Above and now I'm seeing his little arrows with celebrity smiles every place I go. I don't really get what he's trying to accomplish. I did learn that he's pretty much saturated Los Angeles too but somehow that makes more sense. (If you want to know more, you can watch the video.)

Seen anybody else above?


Sweet Freak said...

Non! Above is new to me. I like his selection... Marc Wahlberg and Tom Selleck?? Sweet!

I have, however, noticed odes to Marilyn many places across Paris. Which is a-ok with me.

Starman said...

I think he's just above it all.

Shelli and Gene said...

Haven't seen a single one, but I'm sure they'll be unavoidable now that I know they exist. Have you seen them in any particular area of town?

Anne said...

Shelli: Mark Wahlberg was in the Marais; the rest were along the rue St. Honore in the 1st. It was one right after another.

Paris Paul said...

Trippy! I've never seen one of these anywhere. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

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