Saturday, October 2, 2010

On Alert

Here we go again.  I find myself once more living in a place that Al Qaeda is determined to hit.  The Eiffel Tower has been closed down twice in recent weeks and there have been a lot of disruptions in public transportation in response to suspect packages.  And there are more police around, particularly in the metro.

But otherwise, life goes on as normal and really what else are you gonna do?  Government offiicials are giving only guarded comments to the media.  Actually, it seems as if there's more coverage in the U.S. press about increased concerns of a terrorist attack in European capitals than in the French papers.   As for those of us on the ground?  We're just following the advice that British Ministry of Information provided in the early days of World War II:  keep calm and carry on.


Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

So sorry to hear of threats to Europe and Paris although there has been nothing specific in the news other than La Tour evacuations. I hope that you have a peaceful weekend and can enjoy lovely Paris without fear of harm.

Great minds... I posted a full-frontal of ET today aussi.

Bon weekend,

Lost In Cheeseland said...

The threat is always there in every European city. From what the French news has reported, French people have been reacting to this "increased" danger by saying it doesn't really change their behavior. They take public transport and go about their day. It would appear that the French media is less concerned with instilling fear in its people which would explain why this issue is getting more coverage in the States than here! I think you give good advice. That's all you can do!

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