Saturday, October 9, 2010

Indian Summer

We had glorious weather yesterday and more is on tap for today.  And when this happens, the only thing to do is to drop all else and get out there and enjoy it.   I was fortunate enough to have time and to be in the right location in my errand running to take a little respite at this lovely park  belonging to the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild just off Avenue Friedland in the 8th.  Many thanks for Eric Tenin at Paris Daily Photo  for clueing me into this hidden gem.  (The gate is just off the avenue on rue Berryer.)   Amazingly, one is permitted to sit on the grass there!  I didn't take the opportunity; I suspect I half thought some cop was going to come out of the shrubbery and yell at me.

Apartment living Parisians, most of whom do not have private gardens, terraces or even balconies, take advantage of parks on days such as this for all manner of tasks.  There were the usual 20 somethings with their iPods, the 30 somethings with their lunches, and then there were these retirees.

Madame had her knitting.

And this couple had his and hers magazines.  I snapped the picture so fast and then skedaddled before realizing that I'd caught Monsieur with his hand covering his face.  Oh well, you get the drift.  Now if you'll excuse me, the sun is shining and I'd rather be outside than sitting in front of my computer.


Paris in Pink said...

I love this spot as well... a relieving change from all the other parks here who treat their lawns like gold. Grass is made for sitting, n'est pas?! Well, off to read some more of this lovely blog of yours :) Paris in Pink

Starman said...

We're on rue de l'Étoile, just off Avenue Wagram which is the next avenue over from Friedland.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond said...

I had forgotten about Eric's mention of this little gem but have now put it on my list. Many years ago, tired from traveling and on our first day in Paris, my daughter, SIL and I took a little nap on green grass near Petit Palais. How were we to know that verdant green lawns were not for walking (or napping)! However, no one disturbed us.

Enjoy your weekend,

Harriet said...

That could be me with the knitting...I'll just fantasize about being THERE when I get my knitting needles out later!

Eric Tenin said...

it IS a real gem isn't? I actually often take my scooter, pick up a salad at Mc Donald's nearby and go there just to enjoy a quiet lunch on the grass.

I love it (but Anne, we should not disclose the address too much otherwise it's going to be worse than Paris Plage LOL!)

PS: and don't worry sitting in the grass is really allowed!

Sweet Freak said...

Sigh. Loving it! If only it would last forever...

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