Thursday, December 23, 2010

Bouger: 30 Minutes Par Jour

Even the French are worried these days about putting on weight.  Although obesity isn't the problem here that it is in the States, the indicators are all moving in the wrong direction.  A new social marketing campaign seems to be everywhere, urging folks to make sure they get 30 minutes of exercise a day without even working up a sweat.  Three minutes here, ten minutes there, it all adds up.   Since sports aren't really a French thing (except for maybe tennis and fencing), this campaign seems to me to be hitting the right note.  Whether anyone will change their behavior --- well, that's a different story altogether.

Note:  I tried but failed to download the images from the campaign Web site which also feature an older lady and a young black man.  These snapshots should give you the idea if not in their full crisp detail. 


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE the television ad for this campaign. It is visually stunning and I suspect it will win some awards. The way the message is passed (different fonts, settings, etc) is amazingly creative.

Anne said...

Emma: I haven't seen the TV campaign. Thanks for the tip.

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