Wednesday, December 29, 2010

High Water

It's nothing like the great flood of 1910 but days of rain and snow have the Seine overflowing.  As you can see, the feet of Zouave who stands just below the Pont de l'Alma are underwater.   The city closes the roadway along the river when the water level reaches 3.2 meters; at the moment, it's up to 3.9 meters and still rising, the highest it's been in 4 years. Traffic on the river has been stopped in the heart of Paris; my guess is that even the lowest profile barges would have a hard time making it under any of the bridges.  You can read more at France 24.

To be honest, it's way too cold and damp for a promenade along the quais anyway.   Having done my duty to get these snapshots,  a cup of hot tea seems like a pretty good idea.


Starman said...

Lately, it seems like something is always amiss in Paris.

Charlie and Marty said...

Great blog, Anne! But we're looking forward to seeing you and your family back in DC in August!


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