Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bottle of Red, Bottle of White

You can get a bottle of wine in Paris for less than the price of a bottle of Coke.  I'm not saying that's the wine you should buy, but it is one small indicator of how the drink itself transcends social class.  (Although to be honest, beer seems to be the drink of choice of the clochards who hang out on my corner.  Perhaps they are Belgian.)

And that leads to some pretty typical sights when you are out and about.

May your weekend be marked by adventure, good humor, and a full glass. 


Starman said...

I once saw a film crew on a Seine quai. One of the models was drinking champagne with a straw.

Amy said...

Want to hear a funny story? My Mom had brought over a gallon jug of burgundy to mull for the party I threw after my harp concert in November. She didn't know where else to put the empty bottle so she threw it in her trunk. The next weekend we were in Minneapolis shopping and I couldn't stand it rolling around back there while we drove, so I took it out when we went into Macy's and left it by the garbage can. We laughed so hard at what the other shoppers would think!

I've loved reading about your Parisian experiences. I'll miss having you in Paris!

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