Friday, November 30, 2007


It was a transportation comedy of errors this morning as I made my way across town to the Musee du Luxembourg for an exhibit of the work of Arcimboldo, a relatively obscure Renaissance artist whose work was pretty much lost to time until the Surrealists found him again. Traffic was murder so I jumped off the bus and hopped on the métro, made a quick change of trains, only to find that I had changed onto the wrong line, requiring yet another change of trains and a dash through the gardens where my friend was waiting for me. The exhibit was mobbed even though it was a weekday morning in what I wouldn't call tourist season.

Here is a sampling of what I saw.

Summer. Probably the most famous of the lot.

Earth. You can definitely look at this one for a long time.

The Lawyer. Not quite sure why he has a chicken on his face.

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