Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Mont St. Michel

The kids had some time off from school last week so we headed out to Normandy for a few days. Tops on my list was Mont St. Michel and it met all expectations, arising out of the marshy plain a little bit like Oz. You enter the town through a huge portcullis and then walk up a steep cobblestoned street lined with souvenir shops and places to eat. Apparently, this is not a new development. Mont St. Michel has always been a tourist site, only now the tourists are buying magnets and spoons when those of the 12th century were buying relics. The kids said it reminded them of Diagon Alley, only there weren't any wand shops or joke shops.

The sun didn't shine much during our four day trip. When it does come out, I think the photographers must come out in droves.

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