Saturday, November 17, 2007


The transit strike is now lingering in its 4th day. Some metro lines are still completely shut down. Fortunately, we live close to those that are operating, albeit on limited service. Rides are free from some stations (but not on the bus). The logic is not apparent to me, like that that I encountered yesterday at the Cluny Museum where I was scheduled to go on a guided visit with some other expats. When I went to purchase my ticket, I was told that it would be free. Sounds pretty good...there are free days now and then and lucky for us this seemed to be one of them. The museum was definitely open for business with several guards checking bags and a coat check lady ready to be of assistance.

A few minutes later, the guide arrived and informed us that regrettably we would all have to pay the entry fee because the cashier had finally arrived. Wonder what happens when she's sick?

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